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Purchasing the Speedster

As we do not have a world-wide network of distributors, the Speedster can also be purchased directly from our workshop in the Netherlands.

Price of the Speedster is € 7.350,=

This includes fully wooden crating and all necessities to install and use the machine.
Water composition varies hugely around the world. We therefore choose not to enclose a water treatment system with our machines, instead, we advise to consult a local expert to look for a system that best suits your situation prior to installation.
Transport, VAT (European residents) and import duties to your country are not included.
To get an idea of all transport costs we recommend to contact an international forwarder with these details:
Crate dimensions: 94 X 72 X 49(H) cm. Total gross weight 80kg.

We strongly emphasize the need to contact an experienced espresso machine technician locally. The Speedster is a commercial machine that needs to be installed properly. Also for maintenance/service later in its life, a technician who knows espresso machines is essential. For just a couple of places around the world we might be able to aid in finding someone to help. We need to know your country and city to see if we can assist. This person or company may also assist in the purchase of the machine, when desired. Parts only warrant on all non-wearing parts is valid for two years from original date of collection from our workshop.

To order please send us an e-mail: click here>
We`ll send our Orderform.

You will receive a confirmation by e-mail with a pro-forma invoice, the expected date for collection, and a description of all provisions necessary to install the Speedster.
Approximately 3 weeks before the expected collection date you`ll receive the final invoice by e-mail.
The funds need to be sent by bank transfer. We need to receive payment in full one week ahead of collection date.

• 2 Filterholders (naked/single/double) with filter basket
• Rotation pump with electric motor
• 2 High pressure hoses, 1.5 meter.
• 1 High pressure hose, 0.5 meter.
• Drain hose
• Stainless steel hose clamp
• 2 KvdW branded shotglasses
• KvdW stainless tamper, adjustable in height
• Blind filter basket
• Jar cleaning powder
• Screen brush
• Standard parts kit, containing all rubber consumable parts to maintain machine for at least a year
• Comprehensive manual on USB stick
• Printed installation guide
• 1 Speedster T-shirt