Kees van der Westen

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Price is ex-works from workshop in Waalre, excl. VAT (for European residents),
incl. wooden crating and all necessities to install and use:

• filterholder 2-cup, teflon lined
• filterholder 1-cup, teflon lined
• pump with electric motor
• 2/ high pressure hoses , 1.5 mtr.
• 1/ high pressure hose, 0.5 mtr.
• fitting to connect high pressure hose to washing machine tap
• drain hose, inside diameter 16mm
• stainless steel hose clamp
• water softener 8ltr.
• filterholder rest in aluminium
• stainless tamper, adjustable in height
• blind filter basket
• container cleaning powder
• screen brush
• extra group screen & rubber gasket ring

Plus as long as stock lasts 2 espresso cups&saucers with Speedster logo.

We will of course assist in arranging transport to your nearest port.