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Mirage Duette Classic

• Height 52cm
• Depth 67cm
• Width of body 73cm
• Width including steamwands 91cm
• Height of lever of Idrocompresso: 77cm

• Depth 50cm
• Width at operators side 55cm
• Width at rear 32cm

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single phase 3.6kW-16 Amp-230 Volt
Available as option: 5.2 kW 3PH-400V+O+EARTH or Single phase 5.2kW-230V-23Amp

Boiler capacity
Boiler capacity 14 litres

Standard accessories
• two 2-cup filterholders
• one 1-cup filterholder
• external pump with fully closed 300 Watt motor
• 2/high pressure flexible tubes of 1,5 mtr.
• discharge hose of 20 mm ID, 2.0mtr. with stainless steel hose clamp
• screen brush
• two blind filters to clean both groups simultaneously
• canister cleaning powder for groups
• Mirage stainless tamper 58mm diameter
• 2 KvdW branded shotglasses